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Cranberry Atomic Fireball Martini

I am excited to share this original recipe for my Cranberry Atomic Fireball Martini with vodka infused cranberries in the Cape Cod Select Holiday Blogger Recipe Challenge. This delicious adult beverage is perfect to serve this holiday season at any party. Cranberry Atomic Fireball Martini

Atomic Fireball Candy Infused Vodka

The other day I was walking through one of my favorite places that I ate at for breakfast when I spotted a bag of Atomic Fireballs sitting on a shelf. I couldn't resist picking up the bag and smelling the cinnamon flavor coming from the package. Those little round jawbreakers brought back many wonderful memories. As a young child, I would walk up to the corner store with my oldest brother to buy pockets full of those red hot candies! We would always have a contest to see who could keep the Atomic Fireballs in their mouths the longest. I decided to purchase a few bags to share with my brother. While I was standing in the checkout line, I thought it would be fun to surprise him at my Christmas party with an adult beverage using the Atomic Fireball Candy. That's how I came up with the drink recipe for Atomic Fireball Candy Infused Vodka! Atomic Fireball Candy Infused Vodka

Wild Blueberries and Orange Smoothie

 I was selected from Moms Meet to make a recipe or create an original recipe using Wild Blueberries as one of the ingredients. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to share my honest opinion. I received a $25 gift card to purchase 1-2 bags of frozen Wild Blueberries and other ingredients needed to create the recipe…
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