Flower Bouquet Mini Magnet Craft

I love getting homemade gifts from my kids that I can proudly display on my refrigerator. I have many cards and pictures that they have drawn, stuck on my fridge with tape. It makes me happy to be able to see all the things my kids made while I am busy in my kitchen. That's the reason I love this DIY flower bouquet magnet. The flower bouquet mini magnet craft makes a great gift to brighten up anyone's kitchen. Flower Bouquet Fridge Magnet Craft
DIY Placemat Burlap Garden Flag

St. Patrick’s Day No-Sew Garden Flag

Can you guess what I used to make my Garden Flag?  This adorable "St. Patrick's Day No-Sew Garden Flag" was crafted from a Burlap Placemat. I just happen to be in Hobby Lobby looking for gift bags when I spotted the placemats. I probably seemed like a basket case standing in the aisle holding up the placemat, as I imagined it in my front yard.