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12 Funny Cooking Memes

If you love cooking or eating food, then you will appreciate these 12 Funny Cooking Memes.

12 Funny Cooking Memes

These cooking food memes are funny and sarcastic I can relate to a few of them.

Smoke Alarm Cheers Me

1.Does your smoke alarm ever go off when you cook? My smoke alarm has gone off on numerous occasions.

Can't Cook

2. I make the best bowl of Lucky Charms.

Bad Food

3. Please tell me I am not the only person that eats all the junk food in their house before they start a diet.

Stressed is Desserts spelled Backwards

4. This is stress I enjoy too bad it has calories.

Cooked with Wine

5. Tonight I tried cooking with wine! After Four glasses I couldn’t even remember why I was in the kitchen. I hate when that happens! You?

Bacon Love

6. Do you love bacon? I think everything tastes great covered in bacon. Wouldn’t that be great if you could plant bacon seeds?

Always thinking about food

7. Do you find yourself thinking about food often?

My Cooking Improved

8. Either my cooking has improved, or my family’s immune systems have strengthened.

pie and pilates

9. Didn’t you say Pie and Lattes?!

Honey It's Homemade

10. If it’s made at home; it’s homemade. Right?

Label Off Bakery Box


11. Be honest have you ever removed a cake from the bakery box and pretended you made it?

Call Me Chocolate

12. You don’t even need to say “CHOCOLATE” just open a chocolate bar, I’ll come running!

Do you have a favorite cooking meme or saying?

I hope you enjoy these fun and sarcastic cooking/food memes. Now go cook something!

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Kim Seghers is a Mom of three and the creator of This Ole Mom blog, a family and lifestyle site. Kim is passionate about sharing her love for cooking, crafting, traveling, and family fun. In hope to inspire others.

This article has 6 comments

  1. Leslie

    I like #3 the best. Your memes look great and I see they are getting shared a lot!

  2. Jenny

    These are so funny! I like #1, I’m forever dripping something over in the oven and even though the house smells like I burned dinner I really didn’t.

    • Kim Seghers

      Hi Jenny! I hate when that happens. It always seems that the alarm goes off or I spill food that stinks in the oven when company comes! Enjoy your day, Kim

  3. Rose Simmons

    Haha loved the second one, definitely sounds like me. Lovely post!

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