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30 Tips and Hacks for Your Next Beach Trip with Kids

Going to the Beach with Kids? 3o Beach Tips and Hacks to look like a Pro!

Here’s 30 Tips and Hacks for your next beach trip with kids that will have people thinking you are a pro! I learned these tips and hacks while spending time with my children at the beaches near our home.

30 Tips and Hacks to look like a Pro when you bring kids to the beach

Most of the tips and hacks I figured out from mistakes I made and not being prepared when I brought my kids to the beach. I am hoping my tips will make your family’s beach day stress-free and enjoyable.

Tips and Hacks to know when visited beach with kids

 1.Sunscreen– You will want to bring a few bottles of sunscreen and lip balm that include SPF. I recommend doing research to find the best sunscreen suitable for your family. I like a sweat and waterproof sunscreen with 35-50 SPF. It’s also important to remember to reapply sunscreen several times throughout the day, or after sweating or swimming. I am very cautious due to the fact my mother had skin cancer. I reapply my sunscreen every 30 minutes. Don’t forget lip balm with at least 30 SPF; skin cancer can form on the lips.

2. Cooler– Bring a cooler for snacks, water bottles, and drinks. I use either an ice chest on wheels or my collapsible cooler.

3. Snacks and Scissors– It’s a splendid idea to bring snacks to the beach when you have children. It never fails every time I plop my tush down on my beach blanket my son starts screaming he’s hungry. My family enjoys fresh fruit, pasta salads, yogurt, and nuts at the beach. I also carry scissors with me to the beach to make opening snacks a breeze.

4. Beach Towels – I usually pack two towels per person. Each person brings a towel to use on the beach, and another beach towel is left behind in the car to use when we change out of our bathing suits.

5. Water- Resistant Outdoor Blanket- I prefer to use an outdoor blanket that folds up into a carrying bag, which makes it easier to carry. Also, using a water-resistant blanket protects my bottom from wet sand if I decide not to go in the water. I have seen people use large blankets and fitted sheets, too.

6. Beach Folding Chairs– Chairs are perfect for people with bad backs or prefer not sitting on the ground.

7. Sunglasses- Don’t forget to protect your eyes and your kid’s eyes from ultraviolet rays. Look for sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent UB and UVB rays. I use a sunglass strap to help prevent my son from losing his sunglasses while he runs and plays on the beach.

8. Sun Hats– I recommend looking for a sun hat that offers ultraviolet protection. Look for a hat with a wide brim that protects ears and necks. A sun hat protects little one’s scalps from getting a sunburn, too. I always applied sunscreen to my son’s scalp when he was a baby then placed a hat on his head. I always made sure my son’s hats had a chin strap to make it harder for him to pull it off his head.

9. Beach Shoes– It’s important to protect your feet and your kid’s feet from the hot sand and sun. Beach shoes or water socks not only protect feet from hot surfaces but broken glass and other sharp items laying on the sand or in the water.

10. Beach Umbrella or Canopy- It’s important to have a beach umbrella or canopy at the beach to take cover from the heat. My family brings a heavy duty beach umbrella that protects from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. I have my kids take breaks and cool down from the heat. Protection from the sun is of particular importance for the elderly, young children, and pets.

11.Spray Bottlewith Water- I bring a spray bottle filled with water that I use with antibacterial soap. It’s perfect for washing off sand and germs from my family’s hands before we eat snacks.

12. First Aid Kitand Antibacterial Soap– I always bring a small First Aid Kit and a bottle of Antibacterial soap to the beach.

13. Change of Clothes– It’s a good idea to pack an extra change of clothes for everyone in your family, especially if they plan on getting wet. I hate the way I feel after spending a day on the beach. The sand is sticky, and my wet bathing suit gets uncomfortable. I pack a bag of clothes that I leave in the car until we are ready to change out of our bathing suits.

14. Beach Toys– I always bring toys to the beach for my son to keep occupied. We bring beach buckets, shovels, small cars, dump trucks, a beach ball, a frisbee, small figures, and a kite.

15. Baby Pool– Before my son started walking, I would bring a blow-up pool to the beach. My son would sit in the pool while playing with his toys. You could also use a Summer Infant Pop n’ Playard with Canopy from Toys “R” Us.

16. Camera and Phone with Water Proof Cases– I learned the hard way about the importance of using a waterproof case for my camera and phone. When using a camera or phone at the beach if they are not waterproof use a waterproof case. Also, bring extra batteries and Sim cards. If you do not have a waterproof case, use Ziploc bags.

17. Hair Ties– Great for people with long hair. I always carry hair ties with me to the beach to keep the wind from blowing my hair.

18. Beach Cover-Ups or Shirts- I like to give my skin a break from the sun by using a cover -up or shirt. I found that a loose white top that offered UPF protection was best. My kids also use a beach cover-up or loose white shirt with UPF protection.

19. Mesh Beach Bags– Great for wet clothes and collecting sea shells.

20.USCG Approved Floatation Device– If your kids can’t swim and will be playing near or in the water I recommend you using a USCG approved flotation device. Make sure all devices are free of rips and tears, and work properly. All flotation devices should fit your child correctly. No matter if your child is a good swimmer or wearing a flotation device you should always keep your eyes on your kids at all times. When looking for a floatation device for your children do your research.

21. Radio– If you choose to bring a radio to the beach be considerate to others by keeping the music turned low.

22. Extra Bag- I always bring an empty grocery bag for our trash.

23. Wagon– You’re probably wondering how you will bring everything to the beach that’s on this list. May I suggest you bring a wagon. I throw everything into my foldable wagon. It folds flat for storage and has large wheels that seamlessly tread sand. When I am ready to unpack the wagon to place back in my vehicle, I just fold it flat and detach the wheels.

24. Plastic Bottles– You can buy small plastic bottles with corks at craft stores, then fill them up with sand from the beach to take back home as a memento of your beach trip. Also, bring a fine tip permanent marker to write the date on the bottom of your bottle.

25. Sand Mitt – Sand Mitts are great for wiping sand off of little hands and faces. You could also use a Norwex Dusting Mitt, it takes the sand right off.

26.Hair Brush or Comb- When I leave the beach, my hair looks like I have been through a windstorm. Even though I use a hair tie, my hair is a mess. I bring a brush to remove knots from my hair. You may want to brush your hair or your children’s hair after spending a day on the beach.

27. Shampoo and Conditioner– If you are lucky to visit a beach with showers you may want to wash and condition your hair and your children’s hair.

28. Aloe Vera– After spending a day on the beach, you may want to use Aloe Vera on your skin. It helps soothe and moisturize dry skin. I always bring Aloe Vera with me to the beach to use after I change out of my wet bathing suit. I also, use Aloe Vera on my son’s skin.

29. Money- Yes, money! I never have cash in my purse. I usually use my debit card for everything. But, I always make sure to bring cash with me to the beach. I stick a $20 in a small container and place it at the bottom of my cooler. I do this in case I need cash for something.

30. 1-2 Gallons of Water- My #1 Beach Hack! Most of the beaches where I live do not have showers. I bring 1-2 gallons of water and a small garden watering can with me to the beach. I leave the water and container in my car until I need them. When I am ready to wash my son off I have him stand by my car on a small rubber shower mat. I rinse him off using the gardening can that’s filled with water.

Now that you know my “30 Tips and Hacks for Your Next Beach Trip with Kids,” you can use them to look like a pro! If you have beach tips share them below in the comments.

30 Tips and Hacks for Your Next Beach Trip with Kids

Have fun, Kim 

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This article has 34 comments

  1. LizCasteel

    Oh I love the sand mitt idea! I have never heard of one, but now I’m going to have to find one for sure. We live on the coast so our beach trips are pretty consistent and the sand factor is real!

    • Kim Seghers

      Hi, Liz! Thank you, the sand mitt works wonders. The Norwex Dusting Mitt comes in adult size or you can buy one for children . I love the mitts they work great for sand and they are very soft. The mitt is actually for dusting furniture but I use it for sand. I sell them if you are interesting in learning more about them. Have a great Friday, Kim

  2. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    These are great tips!! It seems I always forget something when we go to the beach. The money idea is a good one since I always seem to just carry my credit card and I also like bringing the jugs of water to clean off with!


    • Kim Seghers

      Hi, Carrie! Thank you so much. I usually forget something too. I like having money with me because it never fails the ice cream truck always passes when we are at the beach! Have a great weekend, Kim

  3. Emily, Our house now a home

    These are good tips! My kids are 8,6 and 5, they are old enough for us to go and have fun with, but still need a lot of these. I hope to have some fun this summer and use a few of the tips!

    • Kim Seghers

      Thank you, Emily! I hope you get to enjoy the beach this summer and use a few of these
      tips too. Have a great weekend, Kim

  4. Jenny

    We took the kids to the beach for the first time last summer and it was so much fun! We’ve already book our trip for this year.

    • Kim Seghers

      I hope your family has a fantastic time at the beach this summer. I love going to the beach with my son. Happy Friday, Kim

  5. alisa

    Kim, we go to the beach several times a year and not once have I thought to bring a foldable wagon! What a great idea! We usually make all the kids carry something, as they whine and complain and stuff falls all over the place. Not exactly a fun start to our beach trip. I am definitely investing in a foldable wagon. Thanks for this advice! Linking up with you today at A Little R & R.

    • Kim Seghers

      Hi, Alisa! You can find the wagons that fold flat and the wheels detach on Amazon. Also, Target, Bed Bath& Beyond and Walmart has foldable wagons that collapse . It would make your kids happy and your trip easier. I got tired of dragging everything back and forth from the car to the beach. The wagon makes it easy!! Have a great weekend, Kim

  6. Agatha

    For us sunscreen, shower gel and mosquito spray top our list when we’re off to the beach, oh and water too! Need to stay hydrated!

    • Kim Seghers

      Hi Agatha! Yeap definitely can’t forget water when you go to the beach. Thanks for reminding me I forgot to put body wash on my list. Where I go the beaches we don’t have showers. I usually rinse my son off using the watering can with plain water but no soap. We wait until we get home or someplace where we can take a bath or shower to use soap. Have a lovely weekend, Kim

  7. Jessica

    Those are great tips about the sand mitt and the water jugs! Keeping the sand at the beach is a constant battle for me 🙂

    • Kim Seghers

      Thank you, Jessica! Yes I have the same probably. But when I use the mitt and water it really reduces the sand I bring back home with me.Thank you for leaving a comment. Have a great weekend, Kim

  8. Rica@ Yoga Mat Monkey

    Plenty of water is a must– and it’s something I have often overlooked. Also, having lots of sunscreen and backup towels. I always seem to need more towels than I brought.
    Good post. It’s a bummer when you get to the beach and discover you left something behind!

    • Kim Seghers

      Rica, I agree it’s a bummer when you get to the beach to realize you left stuff behind. I try to pack up everything the night before I leave for the beach or beach vacation and go over everything again before I leave. I truly feel you can never have too much sunscreen!!! Have a great weekend, Kim

  9. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    We are going on a beach trip this summer for sure.. I could definitely use a lot of these hacks! Awesome post!

  10. shannon

    LOVE these tips!! I’m going to the beach soon with my family and I will need your great ideas! I always put my phone in a plastic baggie so that it’s not covered in sand! Snacks are a must and I love your water can idea from when you are going home!

    • Kim Seghers

      Thank you Shannon! I hope your family has a wonderful beach trip. I hope my tips will make your time at the beach more enjoyable! Have a lovely weekend, Kim

  11. Charles

    Great tips! I live in Miami, so these tips are even better.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Kim Seghers

      Thank you, Charles! Lucky you I bet it’s beautiful at the beaches in Miami! I use to live in Ft. Meyers but sadly never made it to Miami. Have a great weekend, Kim

  12. Kristy

    Oh this list is awesome! I am definitely a list person when it comes to taking trips or going on vacations. This list would come in handy when we go to Florida. I especially like the tip about the mess bag! Gotta remember that one! Thanks!

    • Kim Seghers

      Hi Kristy! I’m a list person! I hope you have fun in Florida. Yes, the mesh bag is great for shells and wet clothes. I usually keep a few mesh bags in my trunk. Have a great weekend, Kim

  13. Erin Mahone

    The wagon was the best thing we ever bought for our family trips!! A family of 5 has more stuff than I could have ever possibly imagined!! This is a great list. I’m going to print it out for our trips to the beach this summer!

    • Kim Seghers

      Hi Erin! I bet the wagon makes it easier for you and your family. I love our wagon we keep it in our car. I hope my list comes in handy for you. Have a great weekend, Kim

  14. Deepika@EasyBabyMeals

    This list is so helpful. Saving it for future reference. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. 🙂

  15. Sherry Nappa

    After reading your list of tips and hacks, I want to go to the beach! Great list, too.

  16. Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS

    A great post. I need to write this down as a check list. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kim Seghers

      Thank you, Sharon! A checklist is an excellent idea. I should have made one to go with this list.
      Maybe next time I’ll make a checklist . Thanks for stopping over, Kim – Happy Friday!!

  17. Jill

    WOW! Great list. There is nothing like beating travel stress at places like beaches with a little planning and preparation.

    • Kim Seghers

      Thank you, Jill! I live near the beach even though the beaches don’t have nice white sand and blue water we love going to them.I think I finally narrow it down to what I need to bring,after going for many years now! Have a lovely week, Kim

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