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DIY Seafood Cooling and Holding Rack

Do you host Seafood Boils for family and friends? My family is from South Louisiana we look forward to the spring and summer months. You can often find us during warm weather in our backyard boiling up a big pot of Crawfish or Crabs for family and friends. Once we boil our Seafood we dump them out on a holding rack, which allows the Crabs or Crawfish to cool down and gives everyone room  to grab a tray and dig in!
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I think the Seafood Cooling and Holding Rack is a genius idea! My father-in-law came up with the idea over 40 years ago. He passed down the original one he made to my husband years ago. It’s amazing how many Crawfish and Crab Boils that rack has been through. Sadly it fell apart the other day, so I decided to make another one.

The above picture shows my Father-in-law’s original Seafood Cooling and Holding Rack, with 80 lbs of Crawfish. Can you believe the rack above is really over 40 years old?

 Here is the list of supplies you’ll need to make your very own Cooling /Holding Rack.

 1- 8 ft long Galvanized Steel Rabbit Fencing with small holes
2- 8 ft long 2×4’s
4 Pack Galvanized Corner Braces with Screw
8 Screws
1- Box U Nails

Cordless screwdriver

Instructions to make the Seafood Cooling and Holding Rack.
( 1) Cut the two 8-foot long 2×4 pieces into 6-foot long pieces.You should now have 2-6ft pieces and 2-2ft. pieces of wood. (2) Use the 6ft pieces for the sides and use the 2 ft pieces for the ends to make the frame for the cooling rack. (3) Screw the frame together. (4) Next, screw the corner braces into the inside of each corner of the frame. (5) Flip the frame over onto a flat surface, lay the 8ft piece of Rabbit fencing on top of the bottom of the frame. (6) Using U Nails attach the Rabbit fencing to the frame. Flip back over and admire your new Seafood Cooling and Holding Rack. You will need to place the rack on  top of two saw- horses or 2 tall garage cans. *Kim’s note- refer to the picture of the empty cooling rack above for guidance. 

 Here’re a few tips for using the rack.

When using the rack for Crawfish or Shrimp place a 16 ft long piece of screen on the bottom of the rack, letting 8 feet of the screen hang over one end. Pour the seafood into the holding rack . You can add a little ice on top of the seafood to keep them cool while everyone is sitting down eating. Fold the screen that is hanging over the edge to cover the seafood. This will keep the flies off your food!
When we boil Crabs I just pour the crabs into the cooling rack without the screen. But, I do use the screen to cover the food. After all the seafood is gone wash and rinse the rack and screen . I hang the screen and rack in my gargae on a hook.
What do you think about my Seafood Cooling and Holding Rack?
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Bon Appetit,
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  1. Adrienne Brown

    You have brought back a lot of childhood memories. I used to love going to crawfish boils at my cousin's house in Baton Rouge. The food looks delicious!

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you Adrienne! There's nothing better than crawfish boils with family and friends. When I moved away from Louisiana for a while we use to special order our seafood for crawfish boils but it got expensive!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Deepika

    This is such a great idea, so helpful. And all that seafood is making me hungry. Thanks for sharing.

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you Deepika! Every time I look at my pictures of seafood I start wanting some! Have a great weekend.

  3. Sara @ Shabby Grace Blog

    Wow, 40 years it held up. That's awesome. Such a great tradition you guys have down there. I'm from Michigan and always see pictures of people doing this on FB and get a little jealous! I wanna come to one!!!!

    • KimSeghers

      You should Sara make a trip to Louisiana one day. I moved away from Louisiana for a while and missed the food immensely! Sometimes I wish the food I see on facebook I could eat it!! I wish there was an APP !! lol Have a lovely weekend, Kim

  4. lesliesholly

    I want to come to your house so you can cook for me! That looks delicious and a seafood boil sounds like so much fun!

    • KimSeghers

      I would love to cook for you, Leslie! Maybe one day we can get together for a crawfish boil! I think that would be fun!!! Have a lovely weekend, Kim

  5. theconservativemommy

    This is a great summer diy project!

    • KimSeghers

      It really is a great DIY project for seafood lovers . But I am thinking it could be used for other things too. Have an awesome weekend, Kim

  6. yanique

    That looks so good! I'm missing out…I've never been to a Seafood boil before. Great tutorial by the way. I like that you don't need a million and one pieces of material to make it and everything you need can be easily found at a local hardware store. Pinning!

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you Yanique! Yes, you're definitely missing out!!! I think everyone should experience a crawfish boil. The rack was really easy to make, even I could make it!! Have an awesome weekend, Kim

  7. gunjan

    Interesting post.

    • KimSeghers

      Well thank Gunjan! Have you ever had seafood before like crawfish, crabs, or shrimp. Have a lovely weekend, Kim

  8. Allison

    What a cool idea! I will have to show the hubby. He wants to have a crawfish boil.

    • KimSeghers

      Hi, Allison! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I hope your husband likes the rack. You should make one for him. It comes in handy when cooking, shrimp, crawfish or crabs. I also was thinking about using it for gardening. I can see using it to hold vegetables while picking them or rinsing them off and letting them dry out. Anyways, have a great weekend! Kim

  9. Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai

    Wow! I've never seen anything like this before! This is SO cool. What a fun time and yummy eats. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we love partying with you! Hope to see you next Friday. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you Lorelai! I haven't seen any other racks like mine before either. Thank you for hosting a great link-up party. Have a lovely weekend, Kim

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