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Lollipop Flower Pot Easter Centerpiece/Gift

How to make a sweet surprise with lollipops, a styrofoam ball, and a flowerpot. 

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I have seen these cute Lollipop Flowerpots (similar but not like mine) on the internet for a while. I had all the intentions of making one sooner, but of course, I procrastinated. I picked up a few boxes of Dum Dums after Valentine’s Day on clearance for 80% off. I knew as soon as I began throwing the boxes into my shopping cart what I wanted to make with them. I didn’t think it would take me over a  month to decide to use the Lollipops. Since Easter is quickly approaching I decided to use the Lollipops to make an Easter  Centerpiece.
Here’s what you need to make your own Lollipop Easter Centerpiece or make one for a gift.
1-Styrofoam ball
Spray paint
Dum Dums  (I used 200)
computer/ printer (I used my HP Envy printer)
1- stiff sheet white felt
hot glue gun
1- chopstick or skewer
Here’s how to make a lollipop Flowerpot Centerpiece.
1. I found free clip art online, then designed a small Easter sign using picmonkey for my fonts. I used my printer to print out my design on stiff glitter felt. Next,  I cut out my design then glued it to a chopstick.
2. Spray paint the flower pot and let dry. When the flower pot is dry glue the styrofoam ball to it. Next, stick the Easter sign into the Styrofoam ball where you want it. Then start sticking the lollipops into the Styrofoam.
3. Continue sticking the lollipops into the Styrofoam until the entire ball is covered.
4. Glue the ribbon onto the pot then tie the ribbon into a bow. Sit back and admire! This cute  lollipop flowerpot would make a lovely hostess gift for Easter, or use as a centerpiece for your Easter table. Also, you can make lollipop flowerpots for birthday gifts, graduation, or any occasion. It’s really a sweet surprise!
What do you think about my Lollipop Flower Pot Centerpiece?
Have fun!

Kim Seghers is a Mom of three and the creator of This Ole Mom blog, a family and lifestyle site. Kim is passionate about sharing her love for cooking, crafting, traveling, and family fun. In hope to inspire others.

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  1. Jane H

    Too cute! Love the pastel colors for Easter. Such a cute printable, great idea!

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you so much Jane! It was fun to make! I can't believe its almost Easter.
      Have a lovely rest of the week, Kim

  2. Alyssa @ Arts and Crackers

    This is adorable! I love it! Would be fun to have out for an Easter party. Going to pin this 🙂

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you Alyssa! It 's really simple to make, and the boys could help you. My son loved sticking the lollipops in the Styrofoam. It would be fun to have at an Easter party. Have a lovely night, Kim

  3. Danica R

    That's so adorable, this would make a great party centerpiece too! I was thinking of making this for my son's bday party.

    • KimSeghers

      Hi Danica! It would make a great centerpiece for your son's birthday . You should make one, its super easy!
      Have a great night, Kim

  4. Sydney Andersen

    I made one of these for Christmas and my boys loved it!! Yours is way cuter though! I love the graphic on the glitter felt. Where did you find the felt?

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you Sydney that's very sweet of you! But, I'm sure yours was cute too! I found the felt at Micheal's and Hobby Lobby. The felt has to be stiff, and I trimmed it down to 8×10 before placing it in the printer. Enjoy the rest of your week, Kim

  5. Christy E

    This actually seems so simple and very cute. I bet the teachers would like it!

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you Christy! It was simple to make and, actually I gave this Lollipop Flower Pot to my son's after school care teacher for the group. She loved and so did the teachers at his school! Have a lovely night, Kim

  6. La Vie En May

    I love it! So easy and cute!

    May from La Vie en May

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you May! I am really happy the way it turned out. You should make one , it would make a cute Birthday gift. Have a lovely day! Kim

  7. Amy Nielson

    My kids would freak if I let them make this. We could use it for our big family Easter BBQ centerpiece, and then each kid could take a sucker home. Love it!

    • KimSeghers

      Hi Amy! I love your idea about making it, and letting the kids take a sucker home. It's really easy to make and makes a great centerpiece! Would love to see a picture of yours if you make one! Have fun! Kim

  8. Kiser Ridge

    Super cute.. What a great prize for a Church egg hunt..

    • KimSeghers

      Hi Kiser! I love the idea of using it for a church egg hunt. It would make a great prize. Have a lovely night! Kim

  9. Jccee Barney

    This is my first time seeing a lollipop flowerpot centerpiece. This is too cute, Kim! It would be great as a gift.

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you Jccee! You should make one,its super easy to make. It would a great gift for many occasions!
      Have a lovely Friday! Kim

  10. Michele

    I like this idea to take to the hospital when visiting a friend. So many people can't receive flowers and balloons are no longer allowed either. This would be fun!

    • KimSeghers

      Hi Michele, I agree with you it would make a great gift to bring to someone that's in the hospital. Its super easy to make. And , you could use a flowerpot that's already painted to save on time! Have a great Friday, Kim

  11. lesliesholly

    I'm not crafty at all, but this is so cute I am tempted! Plus the kids would love to eat the lollipops later. 😉

    • KimSeghers

      Hi Leslie! You don't have to be crafty to stick lollipops in Styrofoam. I promise its easy to make. And, the kids could help too. Have a Happy Friday, Kim

  12. Nicole Mommytalk

    Oh my gosh! This is so cute!! I am definitely going to have to try this!

  13. yanique

    Love this and it looks beautiful! I made a Dum Dum topiary for my daughter's birthday party and the kids devoured it within seconds of the party ending!

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you Yanique! It sounds like the children at your daughter's party had a great time! I love these lollipop flowerpots, I bet the topiary was pretty! Thank you for stopping over! Kim

  14. Kim Young

    My kids LOVE a lollipop tree/flower! Great job and so cute for Easter or just for Spring!

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you Kim! It was fun to make and, my son loved helping me stick the lollipops into the Styrofoam.
      Have a great Friday! Kim

  15. Ali @ Little Miss Poof Blog

    So cute… my little guy would probably fall over if he saw this! Dum Dums are his favorite.


    My kids would go crazy if they saw that! It's super nice!

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you! It was easy to make and fun!My little boy helped out. We gave it to his school.
      Have a lovely Friday, Kim

  17. Jacquelyn Ward

    This is a brilliant idea and so cute too! I am now brainstorming…pondering what else can I stick into styrofoam…Lollipops are so smart and colorful and I love the bunny print you used. Great work!

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you so much Jacquelyn ! You could make fruit kabobs on skewers, different candy bars on skewers , there's so many things you could make with it! Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to leave a comment. Have a lovely Friday, Kim

  18. Karyn Locke

    Love this! Great topic! Thanks for sharing!

    • KimSeghers

      Your welcome! The lollipop flowerpot was easy to make and fun. Would look great on children's table at Easter.
      Have a lovely day, Kim

  19. Amy

    Wow what a great idea and so simple!

  20. Kristina

    This is so cute! My kids would love to see this on the table!

    • KimSeghers

      Hi Kristina, it was easy to make . You should make one for your kids. If you decide to make a lollipop flowerpot centerpiece I would love to see pictures! Kim

  21. happyandhumble

    Such a cute idea! Great centerpiece (:

  22. Anonymous

    Very pretty and looks easy to make.

  23. Amy Lee

    How fun is this? I love the idea of using it for a centerpiece! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Talented Tuesdays!

  24. KimSeghers

    Thank you Amy Lee! Thanks for having me over at your lovely link up party. I loved using the candy flowerpot as a centerpiece makes a great birthday or hostess gift too! Have a lovely week, Kim

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