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Magazine Feature

This Ole Mom was featured February 2014
   In Tex Appeal Magazine (A Central Texas Magazine)
go here to see Publication feature on pages 16-17.  
A Taste of the Bayou

Kim Seghers is a Mom of three and the creator of This Ole Mom blog, a family and lifestyle site. Kim is passionate about sharing her love for cooking, crafting, traveling, and family fun. In hope to inspire others.

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  1. Leslie Limon

    Congratulations on the magazine feature! What a gorgeous photo! I wish I coud dig my fork into that plate. It looks delicious.

  2. Lauren

    Wow, congratulations! That is really cool Kim. How did the magazine hear about your blog to give you this opportunity? Stopping by from #Sitsblogging

    • KimSeghers

      Hello Lauren, Thank you! Through a friend! Actually the magazine is looking for Texas Food Bloggers to feature them in their magazine now. I was the first person to be featured in their new recipe section (Flavour) .
      Thanks for stopping over!

  3. Leilani

    Woot woot!! Very nice. The article isn't loading on my phone but is that YOUR plate of goodness in this picture? I must read! 🙂

    • KimSeghers

      Hi Leilani! Yes, that's my delicious dish in the article. I really need a better picture . I'm waiting for my copy of the magazine. Thank you and thanks for visiting!


  4. anastasia victoria

    hey ! thats really cool that you were featured in a magazine, I have been in the news paper a few times about the homeless work I do. 🙂

    • KimSeghers

      Thank you Anastasia! I think what you do is more rewarding and I think it's great you have been reconized for all the work your doing and the difference your making in people's lives! I hope you saved your newspaper articles!

      Have a great day, Kim

  5. Biljana

    Good job Kim ! Keep up the good work 🙂 Best wishes from Biljana !

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